Steve McClure- Union County Commissioner- (Republican)
Mark Davidson- Union County Commissioner- (Republican)
Bill Rosholt- Union County Commissioner-(Republican)
Mike Hayward- Wallowa County Commissioner-(Republican)
Susan Roberts- Wallowa County Commissioner-(Republican)
Paul Castilleja- Wallowa County Commissioner-(Republican)
Larry Givens- Umatilla County Commissioner
Daniel Pokorney- Mayor of La Grande
Dennis Sands- Mayor of Joseph
Margie Shaw- Mayor of Enterprise
Craig Norton- Mayor of Lostine
Donna Lewis- City of Cove Recorder
Kathy Warren- Elgin City Counselor
Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen- Union County
Sheriff Rodd Clark- Retired- Crook County / Veteran
Dixie Lund- Past President- Eastern Oregon University
Kevin Mannix- Former State Representative -(Republican)
Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Curry, Ret.
Oregon Right to Life
Union County Farm Bureau
Union County Cattlemen
Oregon Cattle PAC
Common Sense for Oregon
Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association (ORECA)
Oregonians for Food and Shelter- FirstVote PAC
Sheriffs of Oregon PAC
Oregon Chiefs of Police Association
NFIB/Oregon- National Federation of Independent Business
Oregon Small Business Association PAC
Taxpayers Associations of Oregon PAC
Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC

Allen Alley- Former candidate for Oregon Governor- The Alley Group
All American Chiropractic
Rae Anderson- Agrilands Real Estate
Tim Barker- Earth Investments
Baum Smith LLC
Hannah E. Beaudoin-Savoie’s Specialties
Cornerstone Farms- Tim/Audrey Melville-Kurt/Heather Melville
Cory & Lois Braseth- Eastern Oregon Rental
Craig & Kay Braseth- Mt West Moving and Storage
Cross L Welding- La Grande
Ron Bruce- owner Pepsi
Bob and Sue Coulter- Red Cross Drug
Davidson Machine- LaGrande
Jeff J. Dawson- Hurricane Industries- Joseph
Eagle Carriage and Machine – La Grande
Fahey Machinery
Bruce Flatt- Co-Owner- Mid Columbia Bus Co
Grande Ronde Angus
Irene Gilbert- Oregon Trail Trader
Jon and Julie Hickerson- Cam Credits
Intermountain Livestock- La Grande
Suzan Jones- Devils Canyon Ranch
Steve and Beth Koza- Koza Family Dentist
Dave and Zee Koza
Rob Lane- Lane Farms
Mike and Annette Lathrop- Lathrop Ranches- Wallowa Co
Eric Laurence- Laurence Auto Body
H Brent Lewis- CPA
Hagerman Inc
High Country Posts- La Grande
Victor Lewis- Lewis Rents
Steve and Jessica Lindley- Steve Lindley Contracting
Sondra Lozier- Favorite Finds on Main – Enterprise
MC Goss Properties LLC
McDaniel Plumbing and Heating
Sandridge Farms- Cove
Phillip and Cynthia Sander- So. Oregon Backflow
Kathy Shindler- IT Specialist
Bo Shindler- Freeman Marine
Marc and Teena Stauffer- Stauffer’s Refinishing- Enterprise
Jan and Lorraine Swift- Blue Mountain Computers- Enterprise
Gary and Carol Tate- Realtors
Ken Taylor- Bunkhouse Studio’s
Patricia Witherrite- Treasures Antiques and Newer
Stephen Wolfe- Wolfe Ranches
Pat and Judy Wortman- Wortman Ranches- Enterprise
Karl and Sandy Zwanziger- Red Barn Veterinary- Enterprise

Friends who support Greg:
Kate Adams- Retired
Jimmy and Duann Ammons
Sheila and Nils Ames- Joseph
Steve and Sharan Anderson
George and Jennifer Ballard- Joseph
Chris and Jessie Bakker- Cove
David Baum- La Grande
Wyatt Baum- La Grande
Beaudoin- Savoies Specialites
Sharon Beck- Past President- Oregon Cattleman Assoc.
Bob Beck- Retired rancher
Kerma Berry- Imbler
Russ Bingaman-Imbler
Patty Bingaman_Imbler
Rodney and Linda Botts- Joseph
Curt Bowman- La Grande
Jack and Jennifer Boyd- La Grande
Ruth Bronson- Joseph
Mike and Toni Burton- La Grande
James Buchal- Republican candidate for Congressional District 3
Patty Buehler
Dr. Steve and Jan Bump
William and Kathy Burnett- Stanfield
Mike and Toni Burton
Bob Butler- La Grande
Karen Butler- La Grande
Janice Byers
Larry Campbell- Cove
Blake Carlsen- Lostine
Les Carlsen- Lostine
John Cavin- Cove
Art and Susan Chase
Sharon Cheney- La Grande
Edytha Claudson- La Grande
G. Dennis Clayville- La Grande
Lynn and Jody Combes- Imbler
John Courtney- Cove
David Cross- Cove
Suni DanForth- Milton Freewater
Jeff and Carolyn Dawson
Cresta DeLint
Suzanne Dyden-Joseph
William Duncan
Ken and Diana Eberhard
Howard Elmer-Cove
Cherie Elmer- Cove
Norma Elmer- Cove
Bill Fahey
Michael Fahey
Bruce Ferguson
Lt. Col Michael W Folkestad, Ret.
Tim Frandsen
Rick Gately- Imbler
Lois George
Larry and Diane George
Warren Gilstrap
Linda Gleeson
Patty and Mike Gooderham- La Grande
James and Mary Gray-
Joseph Grover- La Grande
Rick Hagen- La Grande
Don and Adrienne Hagey- Cove
Cheryl Hargrove
Carrie Hargrove
Fred and Susan Hawkins- Farmer- Union
Sherman and Hazel Hawkins- Retired
Ellen Hector- La Grande
Lanny Hildebrandt- La Grande
George and Janice Hill- Enterprise
Scott and Diane Holcomb-Joseph
Richard Holecek- La Grande
Kathryn Holecek- La Grande
Doran Hopkins- Veteran for Greg
Francele Hopkins- wife of Veteran for Greg
Suzanne Hopper- La Grande
Greg Howard
Julie Howard
David Howell- Cove
Arleigh and Glenna Isley
Nathan Jacob
Donna Jordan
Helen Jones- Enterprise
Suzan Jones- Bridgeport
Anne Johnson- La Grande
Ardis Klages- Joseph
Russell Kilpatrick- Summerville
Marlene Kilpatrick- Summerville
Joseph and Dorene Kimball- La Grande
Henry and Judy Kinsley- Joseph
PJ and Donna Kirkman – Enterprise
Ken and Jeanette Knott
Charles and Donna Koenig- Farmer- Cove
Jim and Lesley Kopp- Cove
Steve and Beth Koza- Cove
Ruby Lathrop
Blanche and Emery Leonard- La Grande
Zack and Jackie Leonard- Lineman
Russell and Sharon Lester
David Lewis
Mark Lewis- Union
Kent and Sondra Lozier
Chris and Heidi Mackey- Pendleton
Jay Mackley- La Grande
Lyle and Donna Marshall- La Grande
Curtis Martin- Past President Oregon Cattlemen Assoc.
Cheryl Martin- VP Ranch- North Powder
Jack Martin- La Grande
Joe Martinez- La Grande
James and Jan Mattes- La Grande
Jere and Kathryn Mc Carthy- Retired EOU Professsor
Steve McClure
Don McLean- La Grande
Jim and Rita McMahan
Tim and Audrey Melville- Enterprise
Kurt and Heather Melville-Enterprise
Dick Miller- La Grande
Terri Moffit- Enterprise
Larry Moore
Jim Murchison- Cove
Duncan Murray
Debora Nearman-
Sharan Newell- Joseph
Mike Nearman- Candidate for House District 23- (Republican)
Craig Nightingale- La Grande
Larry Nye- Retired- Milton Freewater
Mark and Lorna Omann- La Grande
Phillip O’Reilly- Union School Board
Laura O’Reilly- Homemaker
Doug Osburn
Paul Pagliarulo
Tony Pagliarulo
Bruce Parks- La Grande
Ralph Patterson- Union
Rowena Patton- Enterprise
George Peck- Pendleton
Joan Peck- Pendleton
Rob Pederson
Clay Peterson
Connie Peterson
Roger Phelps-Summerville
Tim Phelps-Summerville
David and Marjie Pidcock- Retired
Tom and Barb Pilling- Retired
Becky Platz- La Grande
Bill Post- Candidate for House District 25-(Republican)
Terry and Jane Pucket- Cove
Vixen and Jeffrey Radford-Weeks – Enterprise
Curt Ricker- Farmer
Donald Sands- La Grande
Lori Schaafsma- Enterprise
Wayne Simonis- La Grande
Emestine Simonis- La Grande
Brent Smith- La Grande
John and Sally Smith
Irwin Smutz- Pastor- La Grande
Larry Snook- Joseph
Betty Sprenger- Retired Educator
John Sprenger- Retired Educator/ former school board member
Eli Stephens- Pendleton
Swede and Myrt Swanson- Retired
John and Mary Taylor- Pilot Rock
Kerry Tienhaara- Joseph
Stephen Tollefson- Wallowa
Ruth Uhrig- Rancher- Elgin
Brian Waldrop- La Grande
Bob and Kathy Walker- Summerville
Warner Wasley- La Grande
Charolotte Wasley- La Grande
Guy Weishaar- La Grande
Steve and Debbie Weishaar
Maurice Welfl
Bill White
Beverly White
Aaron Whitmore- Cove
Bill and Linda Whittemore- La Grande
Dennis Witherspoon- Elgin
Andy and Jennifer Yancy
Margaret Young- La Grande

I’m voting for Greg Barreto as my District’s State Representative because of his proven, common-sense business abilities, his passion for eastern Oregon from almost three decades of choosing to live among us, and the moral principles he applies daily in his personal and business life.
— Dixie Lund, Past President - EOU
I have personally known Greg Barreto to be a person of integrity without peer. A person with superlative qualifications to represent the citizens of House District 58 in the Oregon State Legislature.
— Lt. Col Michael W Folkestad, Ret. (Crooked River, OR)
Greg Barreto is exactly the person we need in Salem to represent the people of District 58. Greg is a small businessman and understands the appropriate role of government and its effect on our part of the State. Greg is a man of integrity, moral principle and common sense. He will work in Salem for our best interests and not that of the political establishment.
— Sheriff Rodd Clark, Retired (Crook County)
Thank you for running.
— Curt Ricker, Farmer
We are pleased to have the opportunity to endorse a candidate such as yourself; someone who recognizes and is willing to defend the right to life of all persons.

Thank you again for your strong pro-life stance and willingness to stand up for the rights of the unborn, elderly, critically ill and disabled.
— Oregon Right to Life