Jobs, Taxes, and Spending

There’s no other way to say it: Oregon needs more jobs. Better jobs. We used to have them but now we don’t. So what are we going to do to get them? First, we must understand how we got here. Jobs were killed by overbearing government regulations and high taxes. I know, I’m a long time Eastern Oregon businessman employing over 75 people and I have experienced this firsthand. I’d employ even more if we had a vibrant economy.

The next question to answer is: how do we get out of this mess? First, we have to understand what we are not doing. We’re not reducing regulations and taxes to help businesses grow. Like a recurring dream, we allow the politicians to do over and over the things that don’t work.

Instead of turning loose the American Free Enterprise System, we maintain over regulation and high taxes. The politicians pretend to deal with the jobs problem by providing things like extended unemployment benefits, job training, food stamps and welfare. We must have some degree of social safety net, but do you honestly believe this is going to create more and better jobs? Nor do I.

What we’re allowing the politicians to do is to increase the downward spiral of our quality of life and it is time to stop electing the wrong kind of representatives. That’s why I make this pledge to you: I will work to reduce regulations and lower taxes because I know this is the only way to get more and better jobs!

Reagan Knopp