Endorsement from Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Curry, Ret.

I am very humbled to have received this endorsement from Maj. General Jerry R. Curry, Ret.

Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Curry, Ret.

As a career military officer and Vietnam veteran, I want to express my support for Greg Barreto for state representative in district 58. In my military career, my post-military service as the Administrator of the NHTSA, and a consultant to the automotive industry, I have come to see the incredible importance of leadership both in and out of government.

Too many of our elected politicians have become complacent and compliant in order to protect their position rather than providing real leadership.  As a result, we have become a nation of states ruled by a political class that is vulnerable and weak.

Greg Barreto has proven himself to be a breath of fresh air and just the kind of leader necessary to help lead us away from these kinds of problems.  The roots of Greg’s leadership are in the most critical place…with his wife and his family of eight children. Greg has also provided leadership in the LaGrande community as an elder in his church and servant to local seniors at the senior center.  Leadership, a servant’s heart, and charity begin at home and the Barreto family is exemplary in both.  Greg and his family have impacted many people’s lives in their community in a positive way.

Professionally, Greg started from humble beginnings as a young mechanic and worked long and hard to design and manufactures a superior line of specialized equipment for the home equipment rental industry.  Greg and his wife Chris built that garage idea into a business that manufactures and sells products throughout the US and abroad. His innovation, perseverance, and willingness to endure personal risk and hardship now provide more than 80 family wage jobs in NE Oregon and international business relationships. Greg has also selflessly shared his experience in business with other businesses as a member of the Union County economic development board and routinely supports local business development.

Greg is a man of principle who is pro-life, pro second amendment, supports a strong military and honors our returning veterans.  As a farmland owner, Greg also understands the agricultural and natural resource management issues critical to district 58.  

He works tirelessly to reduce excessive regulation, government intrusion, and taxation that are crippling Oregon’s manufacturing, farming and ranching economy.  Greg knows that the best way for returning veterans and all other members in our community to prosper is not instituting another costly government program but rather providing liberty and job opportunity by improving our economy for those who actually provide the leadership in job growth.  

Please support him, and the district, with your vote.

Reagan Knopp