Union County Cattlemen Support Greg

Dear Greg,

At our March meeting the Union County Cattlemen voted to support your candidacy for Oregon State Representative District 58. Your entrepreneurial spirit and successful business practices are indicative of what is needed in Salem.

We firmly believe in personal rights and responsibilities rather than government intrusions in our lives that limit our ability to conduct business, provide for our families, and prosper in a free society. Your voice in Salem will be our voice and we fully trust you will hear us and provide leadership when good solutions are needed. The politicians in Salem have forgotten about agriculture producers who strive to uphold and believe in
the principles exemplified in your personal story. 

We believe you recognize that Eastern Oregon counties depend on multiple land use in our businesses and that it is being mismanaged by the state and federal agencies to the detriment of our economy. 


Union County Cattlemen
Dennis Murchison, President
Jason Beck, Vice President
Pat Larson, Secretary

Reagan Knopp