Meet Greg

The Barreto Family

The Barreto Family


I’m a long time Oregonian having lived here for 52 years. 27 of those years have been spent in the Grande Ronde Valley.

My wife Chris is a native Oregonian, born and raised in Medford. We’ve been married 34 years and have been blessed with eight children and four grandchildren.

Looking for an opportunity and with a new idea, Chris and I started our own business in our garage in Keizer, Oregon in 1983. I was a rental mechanic and she was a meter reader for PGE. We officially incorporated Barreto Manufacturing in 1984. 

From that garage, we have grown our business into a corporation with 110,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, 82 employees and an international customer base.

We didn’t have an instruction manual to get started – just a new idea, dreams, sacrifice, hard work, the ability to learn quickly and the freedom to succeed.

My wife and I have truly experienced the American dream and want the same opportunity preserved for every American with a dream and the desire to work for it.

This is what has made America the greatest nation on Earth.

But bad legislation and government overreach make the American dream more and more difficult to achieve.

The Republican Party platform affords the best model to save the American dream. It promotes individual responsibility, smaller government, limited regulation, local control, and family values.

I will stand on these conservative principles.

My recent government experience has come from being involved in the Republican Party as Chairman of the Union County Republican Central Committee as well as 2nd Congressional District Alternate Vice Chairman.  My wife and I were both honored by being elected as delegates to represent the 2nd Congressional District at the Republican National Convention at Tampa in 2012.  My wife Chris was also elected as the Oregon Republican Party secretary in 2013.

I have never been employed by the government.  Most of my government experience comes from paying taxes and dealing with various agencies through the growth and building of our company and our farm.

We have dealt with the Oregon Department of Revenue, IRS, OSHA, EPA, DEQ, ODFW, Planning Commission, Building department, ODOT, DHS, and the list goes on.

These have not all been negative and some have been helpful, but most transactions with the government have amounted to me writing checks and or dealing with more regulations in return.