Jobs are created when the business sector is strong. States with minimum tax burdens over the long term will attract businesses. We need jobs for our young people as well as those climbing the ladder of opportunity. The key to job growth is shrinking the state government and its irresponsible spending habits.

— Unleash Private Enterprise —


Education is extremely important and foundational to a free society. We the people at the local level have the right and the responsibility to determine the education of our young people. Local control is the best option to allow our children to achieve their greatest academic potential since education is not a one size fits all program.

— Local Control —

natural resources

We are being locked out of our abundant timber, mineral and wildlife resources. Wolves have had a detrimental impact in Oregon and require stricter population Control. Return federal land to the counties. Remove excessive land use regulations. Restore the balance of private land ownership and public partnership.

— Restore Balance —